“Do I Need Wheel Chocks For My Mercedes S Class Rims?”

July 28th, 2011

If you want to keep your car from rolling down the curb with your newly polished Mercedes S Class rims on it then yes, you do need wheel chocks. Boats, trailers, cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, and motorcycles all benefit from this basic accessory while you are loading, unloading, performing routine maintenance, and parking – or even just if you live on a steep hill and you’re scared your OEM rims are going to roll down by themselves.

What’s great about wheel chocks is that they’re lightweight, small enough to carry in your car, simple to put on and take off, and they won’t damage your set of Mercedes S Class wheels that you admire so much. If one of your wheels do get damaged, you can always give OriginalWheels.com a call and we can guarantee that our wheels are half the price of the dealer’s.

So… are you going to get some?


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