Do You Have A Lift Kit for Chevrolet Silverado Wheels?

July 27th, 2011

If you have a truck, then you may or may not have a lift kit. A lift kit is described as a vehicle modification that can actually lift the suspension or body of the car to give your car a higher profile. Once you have a lift kit installed, the wells of your OEM Chevrolet Silverado wheels will ride higher; this allows you to have taller tires installed. There are two types of lift kits that you can use for your Chevrolet wheels: body lifts and suspension lifts.

As of now, there’s some 4x4s that already come with lift kits installed. The body lift kit is only used to lift the body from the frame. A suspension lift kit will raise the suspension of the car by replacing the front & rear leaf springs and shocks. can’t offer you lift kits, but we can offer you the factory Chevrolet Silverado rims that you can use on the truck! Trust me, we probably have the best prices in town.

Which lift kit do you need?


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