Don’t You Hate Hydroplaning?

July 20th, 2011

Here’s what hydroplaning is: it happens when your OEM BMW rims & tires lose traction on a wet road. This is what eventually causes your car to drift somewhat like a sled until the rims & tires gain traction again. Whenever the weather is like slushy or rainy, all drivers need to be aware of the high risk of hydroplaning.

Both the Factory BMW wheels and tires of a car are extremely important – the main reason why is because they make the connection between the car and the roadway. The better traction that the tires have with the road, the more control that the drivers have. When your wheels & tires travel too fast, they can’t really push water as quickly as they need to. This means that they’ll start skidding and eventually begin to hydroplane.

Be careful!


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