Have You Seen Those Spinning Rims? Ford Taurus Wheels

July 29th, 2011

These rims are also known as spinners – I think they’re kind of weird. They’re custom wheels that you can put on either your car, pickup, van, or SUV. These spinning rims usually set themselves apart from your typical Ford Taurus wheels because the rims continue spinning even when you’re at a red light.

Weird, right?

The cool thing about spinning rims is that they come in different sizes – but which Ford Taurus rims don’t come in different sizes? It’s not like you can only get them in one generic size. Most of the spinners have the high-polished chrome with spoke-type designs that are designed to catch the light of the sun while it’s still spinning… but I’m positive that the Factory Rims from OriginalWheels.com are polished and clear-coated, too.

In other words, why would you buy spinners when you can buy the much nicer factory original Ford wheels from OriginalWheels.com? I’m pretty sure our wheels last longer than some random spinning-thing that you have on your car.

It really is your decision,


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