Sonata Generations And Hyundai Sonata Rims

July 5th, 2011

I think that there’s more than enough generations of the Hyundai Sonata & the factory Hyundai Sonata rims… but that’s just me. I guess that’s how much Hyundai is dedicated to this car and the wheels that go on it .. right? Just like I’m dedicated to having a different outfit everyday, Hyundai is dedicated to having a new generation every year.

Anyway, from the sixth generation and up, the Sonata is known as the I45 in Australian and New Zealand markets – at least the original Hyundai Sonata wheels are the same in both markets… I think.

The sixth generation, which is the generation that’s out now, looks like a luxury sports car & is a car that I’d really consider buying if I had the money to do so. It received the Top Safety Pick Award in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests.

I’d buy this car,