Your XG & The Hyundai XG Rims

July 29th, 2011

The Hyundai XG & OE Hyundai XG rims have a different name: Hyundai Grandeur… but the Hyundai rims are the same, I believe.

It’s been manufactured since 1986 and was originally a Mitsubishi design. The car has evolved through four generations with intermediate re-stylings. I mean, if you have a chance, compare the ‘86 wheels with the OEM Hyundai XG wheels that came out in 2005 – different, right?

The fifth generation almost looks like a Benz, but with OE Hyundai rims on it instead. It’s a NICE car, maybe even better than the rest of the Hyundai’s. No matter which Hyundai you have, carries the OE wheels that you need for your car.

You should buy me the 2011 model,


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