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Information On Factory Jaguar XJ6 Rims and Wheels

The XJ6 was a four door saloon (sedan) that began production in 1968 and successfully continued to manufacture three series (or generations as we generally call them in America, remember Jags were originally a British car company and continues production in the UK) for three decades until 1997 when the XJ8 nomenclature replaced the XJ6 bc of the car's powering switching from the straight 6 to a V8. Engines on the XJ6 were Jaguar's famous XK6 engines that were created in 1949 with superior configuration that enabled higher torque- the XK engines on the XJ6 had displacements ranging from 2.8L to 4.2.

Wheels on the XJ6 were all 15" and 16" rims apart from one 17" alloy rim with machined finish and 5 spokes. All of the wheels were alloy except for three 15" steel rims with chrome or silver finishes and ten holes. The remaining rims were finished in silver, chrome, or machined and had spoke patterns ranging from 5 to 36 spokes.

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