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Information On Factory Jaguar Rims and Wheels

Jaguar Cars Ltd has gone through a variety of names before setting on the iconic Jaguar name. Beginning in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company producing motorcycle sidecars, the company quickly evolved to include coach building and by 1926 "sidecar" was dropped completely from the name leaving it as the Swallow Coach building Company. Although they were manufacturing their own car, the Standard Swallow (SS), the company still relied heavily on other companies chassis', until it commissioned its own from England's Standard Motor Company in 1931 that came to be the S.S.1 coupe and smaller engined S.S.II. These cars' success incited the creation of S.S. Cars Ltd Motor company by William Lyon's.

The company's growth was halted shortly thereafter with the breakout of WWII when most efforts were redirected towards building sidecars for the military, and not getting bombed as their plant was in Coventry, a city hit hard by German bombers. During the war time the main developed a twin cam straight six engine that set the stage to define the new marque developed after the war because of the unfortunate coincidence of their SS (Standard Swallow) abbreviation with the Nazi party's militant force abbreviation SS (Schutzstaffel), the SS was dropped completely and renamed Jaguar Cars Ltd.

Since the Jaguar name was established, the brand gained its reputation for amazing performance (due to the newly developed engine that was very advanced for its time) along with maintaining its luxurious interiors and sleek exteriors. From this point they have been bought and sold by several companies about every decade including, most recently, Ford Motor Company, and currently Tata Motors. Because of this variety of ownership the nomenclature system has become sort of no system at all with the company even listing release dates two and three years different than public release.

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