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Information On OEM Acura NSX Rims and Wheels

The Acura NSX, sold as the Honda NSX everywhere except North America and Hong Kong, is a 2-door coupe sports car that was in production from 1990-2005, and although it has had no second generation, it has had two worldwide renovations and multiple editions made available generally only in Japan. The two editions that were available everywhere was the NSX-T, which featured a removable roof, and the Alex Zanardi Edition that came out in 1991 of which only 51 were produced.

The NSX original alloy wheels came in a similar 15" and 16", 5 spoke variety and was offered only with a silver finish. It was not until 1994 that the NSX replaced that style with 16" and 17", 7 spoke alloy rims that were available in silver, white, chrome and machined finishes that were sold until 2001. In 1999 they offered for just that year a 16" and 17", 16 spoke alloy rim that was finished in Washi Gray. For the remaining years (02-05) of the NSX only a 17", 7 spoke alloy wheel with silver finish was offered in 7" and 9" widths.

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