Valve Stems

Whenever you buy something new for your OE Infiniti Rims or your tires, they always say to install it according to the Valve Stem, right? Do you even know what it is? The quintessential definition of a Valve Stem is: a device that allows air in to inflate something, but neglects to let any air out. There are literally, a variety of different valve stems that are included on things like tires for your car, tires for your bike, & many other devices that require inflated tires to move.

American Valves are referred to as Schrader Valves. They are manufactured with something called a “poppet valve” threaded with a spring connected to it. If you’re one to drive around a lot here in the States on your Infiniti Rims or your 2008 Infiniti M35 Rims and stuff, you’ll notice Schrader Valves on a lot of tires & bike tires that have wide rims. They’re usually manufactured with American-made compact cars & heavy-duty truck tires; as well as American-made Bicycle tires. Since they were built here, that gives you the option of filling your tires at any gas station or place with hand pumps; which should essentially be any tire or auto shop.

The second type of valve would have to be the Presta Valve. They’re more commonly known as either French Valves or Sclaverand Valves & are mainly used on Bicycle tires; so you don’t have to worry about them on your OEM Infiniti Rims & tires. They’re built with a smaller & narrower width to make the tires lighter & more “aerodynamic” for the ride. Presta Valves allow the bike to be perfect for Cycling Competitions & Bike Racing. When Presta Valves are installed on a tire, tighter wheel spokes & narrower rims would be a possible option to put on the tires.

Dunlop Valves are a special kind of Valve Stem that was very popular in Great Britain at one point in time. As of now, they are still used on bicycles in countries like Japan, Russia, Germany, & even the Netherlands. Since they are almost manufactured the same way Presta Valves are made, Dunlop Valves will literally use Presta pumps & tire gauges when they are installed on a bike.

Whenever you see a Valve Stem on your Infiniti M35 Rims or anywhere in general, you’ll notice Valve Caps will always come with it. There are High-Quality caps that help detain air pressure after it is inserted through the Valve Stem. Valve Caps typically come with rubber seals that undoubtedly safeguards air from leaking out & any unwanted moisture from sneaking in. If someone ever loses or “accidentally” misplaces the Valve Cap, it should be replaced immediately.

If you ever use the Valve Stem on your Infiniti Rims & tires, you must know beforehand how much air you really need to put in. If you were to have any questions, the tire pressure should be stated somewhere along the tire or even in your vehicle’s owner manual. If there are leaks of any kind, that will cause your tire to slowly but surely lose pressure; it’ll even affect the performance of your tire. If you have TPMS installed on your tires, you’ll notice immediately when you have a leak. When valves are harmed, you’ll most likely be able to notice it immediately because the pressure will decrease from all of the air that you’re losing. Even if you happen to think that you’re the safest driver in the world (like me), the tire pressure on all your tires should be checked on a regular basis; which happens to mean once every month or before you go on long trips. Feel free to visit for your tire needs & for all of those lovely Infiniti Rims & more OE Wheels that are installed on your tires (:
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