EL Generations & the Acura EL Rims

February 23rd, 2011

So there are two generations of the Acura EL & the Acura EL rims – the first generation was from 1997-2000 & the second was from 2001-2005. The EL was a replacement to the Integra sedan in the Canadian lineup; but the Integra was sold here in the United States until 2001.

When the first generation came out, it was the rebadged version of the Japanese market Honda Domani. It was first sold as the Acura 1.6EL with OEM Acura rims already on it. It was only available as a 4-door sedan; it had luxury trimmings that weren’t available on the Honda Civic.

The car was completely redesigned when the second generation came out, it even had better looking OE 2005 Acura EL rims on it. The car was based on the 7th generation Civic (I didn’t know that the Civic had so many generations). It had a more powerful engine, new headlights & taillights, AND even had leather available.

If they still made it now, I’d buy it.

Would you?