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  • Each image will say if the BMW Rims are Aluminum Alloy or Steel and if the finish is done in Chrome, Painted Silver or Machined.
  • We display the details needed to match up your Stock BMW 325i Rim to exactly to what you need.
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  • We try to make determining your wheel size easy! You just need to look at the side wall of your tire. - Example = P235/75R15 is a 15" Rim.
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Information On Factory BMW 325i Rims and Wheels

The 325i was a star in BMW’s lineup throughout its production. It actually came in as one of the cheaper vehicles offered in North America, however it’s lower price tag did not mean this vehicle didn’t have a lot to offer. This 3-series model actually came between production gaps of the 323i and the 328i, both of which started those lines back up following the end of production in 2006.

When it came to wheels the early year vehicles followed along the same lines as most of the other BMW’s. There was a limited rim selection offered and there was only one size. The OEM BMW 325i wheels only came in 14” during its first year however a 15” option was offered for ’88 to ’91 along with a multi-spoke design.

With the start of the E36 generation a new selection of Factory BMW 325i rims was offered. Although the only size of alloy wheels offered was a 15” there was a much wider variation of styles varying from a diamond spoke to a simple 6 spoke wheel. This was a start towards the trend of offering a large rim variety to choose from giving everyone the ability to customize their vehicle without needing aftermarket wheels.

The E46 brought about a while new generation of Factory Original BMW 325i rims. The selection expanded tremendously to over 25 different styles of alloy rims varying from 16” to 18” in a variety of styles and finishes. Although this gives customers a wide selection it does make it a bit more difficult find the correct replacement wheel for your vehicle.

With so many Stock BMW 325i rims to choose from it’s great to have a wheel shop around to help you make the right choice for your vehicle. We make it as easy as possible to find the rim you’re looking for, order it online or over the phone, and have it delivered right to your front door.

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