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Information On Factory BMW 540i Rims and Wheels

BMW's 540i is part of the german designated "E" series that a majority of BMW's cars have been built on. The 540i functions under the 5 series, which is determined by size, expense, and the like, and has been under the E34 and E39 development (or Entwicklungsmummren which means something similar to development in Germany and is where the E in the E series comes from) codes. The 540i's from the E34 development were equipped with a 4.0L fuel injected (as designated by the "i" in the name) V8 engine. The 540i, was a four door sedan or 4 door station wagon that, like most cars in this class, had a front engine and rear wheel drive and was available with a four or five speed automatic or five or six speed manual transmission. The 540i has yet to reappear since it was withdrawn from the market in 2003.

Wheels available on the 540i are easily put into two camps; pre 1995 and post 1995. Pre 1995 were exclusively 15" rims finished in silver with spoke stylings that ranged from 30 to 6 spokes, however; there were two rims that did not fit this description- a metrically manufactured rim with a 415mm diameter, silver finish, and diamond spoke pattern and a 15" steel wheel with painted finish and 20 holes. Post 1995 rims ranged from 16" to 18" and for the most part were finished in silver. Rims that were not finished in silver included a 16"rim with 10 spokes that was machined finished, a 17" wheel finished in hyper silver with 3 double spokes, and an 18" rim with 5 split spokes with polished finish. The remaining silver rims had spoke stylings that ranged from 5 to 20 spokes.

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