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Information On Factory BMW X6M Rims and Wheels

The BMW X6M is the M version (noticed by higher performance and higher stock options and higher prices) of the X6 which is part of BMW's X series (the X designates it as a crossover SUV, called a Sports Activity Vehicle by the people at Bavarian Motor Works) designated the E71 development (or Entwicklungsmummren which means something similar in German and is where the E in the E series comes from; it is speculated that the only reason F was chosen to replace the E series when it hit 99 was its auspicious alphabetical placement). The X6M is a five door crossover SUV that looks very much like a coupe but has all wheel drive and open back. Equipped with a 4.4L V8 turbo charged engine, the X6M began production in 2009 and continues to be marketed around the world today.

Wheels on the X6M vary widely from 19" to 21" alloy rims with 5, 5 twin, and 10 spokes with silver finish. There were a handful of rims, however that were not finished in silver such as the 21" alloy rim with 10 spokes that was machined finished and the 21" 5 double spoke alloy wheel that was available in grey or black.

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