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Information On Factory Honda CRV Rims and Wheels

The Honda CR-V debuted in 1997 as a response to popular demand for a SUV and had the option of front or all wheel drive, albeit it is only a four door compact Crossover with 2L straight four cylinder engines (apart from the 2.4L turbodiesel straight four cylinder engine offered the second and third generations, although the fourth generation did keep on a 2.4L |4, albeit without turbo). The CR-V is currently Honda's smallest SUV since 2011 (after the Element's discontinuation) and continues to manufacture its fourth generation.

Wheels on the CRV include four 15" rims- two steel and two alloy finished in silver or machined; four 17" wheels- one steel rim finished in silver and three alloy wheels with silver or chrome finish and 5, 5 double, or 7 spokes pattern; and three 16" rims- one steel wheel with silver finish and 6 spokes and two alloy rims finished in silver or machined with silver accents and 10 or 7 spokes.

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