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Information On Factory Honda Prelude Rims and Wheels

The Honda Prelude was introduced in 1978 as an introduction car (as its musical name suggests) to Honda's attempt to set up a distributer for cars with more standard options and higher trim packages. Offered with a variety of straight four engines throughout the years and always maintaining its front engine/front wheel drive layout. The Prelude shared many of its parts with the Accord and, like the Accord lived a healthy market life, lasting five generations, albeit not receiving quite the same extraordinary figures that the Accord did, selling under 850,000 units in 22 years. The Prelude was discontinued in 2001.

The Preludes rims ranged from 13" to 16" and included both steel and alloy rims. The only steel rims however were 13" and 14" with painted finishes and spoke patters with 7, 8, or 12 spokes. The alloy rims had finishes that included painted, silver, chrome, machined, polished, machined with red pockets or machined with silver insets with spokes ranging from 5 to 12. A few of the rims had Left and Right versions to put on the corresponding sides of the car in order to give the wheels the optical illusion of moving forward (unless they are actually moving forward, which admittedly happens quite regularly [hopefully] on the car).

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