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Information On Factory Hummer H3 Rims and Wheels

The Hummer H3 was a slightly smaller H2, began production in 2005 to meet a public demand for a more reasonable sized Hummer, whether this was achieved in the H3 is perhaps debatable. A four door SUV, the H3 SUVs had much smaller engines than the H2 that included a 3.5L (that later became 3.7L) straight five cylinder engine; a V8 engine was offered later on in the producetion but was still smaller at a 5.3L displacement by almost a full liter from the H2s 6L V8 standard engine. Fuel economy was around 18 highway for the five cylinder engine. After the 2008 car crisis and fuel's skyrocketing prices the H3's sales deteriorated until the H2's discontinuation in 2010- the same year the Hummer brand became defunct.

Although the majority of the rims available on the H3 were 16" alloy wheels, there was also a 16" steel wheel with painted finish and 7 spokes as well as an 18" alloy rim with chrome finish and 7 spokes. The remaining 16" alloy rims had chrome, statin, polished and black finishes with 7 or 7 twin spokes.

Can't help your heart's hankering for these Hummer rims? Well you are well on your way to having them! Hone in on the Original Rims you need by finding your vehicle year in the links above, choosing the wheel picture that matches your rim, and buy instantly online! If you are unsure about which wheels you need, or would prefer ordering over the phone are toll free number is accessible Monday through Friday 7:30 AM until 5:00 PM Pacific Standard time. Thanks for stopping by!

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