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Information On Factory Mini Cooper Wheels and Rims

The Mini Marque has its origins as a former subsidiary of the British Motor Company (created in 1959 to be sold by either Austin or Morris brands, until 1969 when it was sold just as Mini. Up until 2000, the Mini remained largely the same with a handful of changes to keep up with safety and mechanical innovations. Regarded as an unmitigated success the original Mini has become somewhat iconic.

In 1994 Mini was bought by BMW and for six years production ran as it had for the previous three decades, however; in 2001 a new generation began with BMW's Mini Hatch, as the three door hatchback designed by Frank Stephenson. Although styling cues were obviously taken from the original Mini, its updated appearance seen most noticeably in the rounded front and more up to date styling cues. Commonly just called the Mini Cooper, the car goes by a myriad of other names depending on its engine and trim level. With Mini functioning as the make name, BMW started a new system of delineation within the model so that trims constituted the sub model names that functioned in the place of the model so that the base model Mini would be called the Mini One, the regular one was called the MiniCooper, the Mini Cooper S was the sport trim, the Cooper name derived not from Coup (as might be assumed) but from John Cooper's involvement in the original Cooper's design.

The release of the 2005 Mini Convertible marked the first in the line of BMW's variations of the classic Mini that include the four door van, the Clubman; a five door SUV, the Countryman; their newest edition released in 2012, the Coupe; and a more conservatively styled two door than the coupe, the Paceman to be released in 2013. Some of the larger models such as the Countryman have come under criticism for their size, claiming the brand is named Mini for a reason- and really who can argue with the undebatable success of the pre BMW Mini that remained virtually unchanged for thirty years and won several awards for its design and reliability.

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