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Information On Factory Pontiac Bonneville Rims and Wheels

One of Pontiac's classic cars, beginning production in 1958, the Bonneville was transmogrified throughout its many years of manufacturing through a total of ten generations. Although originally debuting as a coupe convertible, the ninth generation (which is the first generation we carry since due to the sporadic availability of used parts we generally only carry rims later than 1990), was a four door sedan with front wheel drive powered by a 3.8L V6 mated to a four speed automatic transmission. The following generation differed minimally with the most dramatic change being the optional engine upgrade that was a 4.6L V8- still paired with a four speed automatic transmission. In 2005 the Bonneville nameplate was discontinued after forty seven years of production.

Post 1990 Factory Pontiac Bonneville rims were almost exclusively alloy apart from two steel wheels with painted finish and 14" or 15" diameters. The majority of the alloy Bonneville wheels were 16" with silver, machined, chrome, and white finishes, but also included 15", 16", and 17" alloy rims with silver and chrome finishes.

Ordering these rims is very easy when you are dealing with originalwheels.com. To buy the Bonneville rims you need, you first have to figure out which ones they are by clicking on your model year from the links above and then visually matching yours to the appropriate picture- looking to the left of these pictures will provide you with all the relevant specifications in writing. If you are still unsure as to the rim you need or would prefer ordering over the phone feel free to call us and one of our representatives will be pleased to help you however they are able. Thanks for choosing Originalwheels.com!

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