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Information On Factory Pontiac Grand Am Rims and Wheels

Although the Pontiac Grand Am was produced sporadically throughout the 1970's, it was not until 1985 that the Grand Am would start its twenty years of continuous production that lasted until the vehicle was replaced in 2005. Due to the availability of used parts, we only list Grand Am rims produced after 1990, which include only the last of the third generation Grand Am but all of the fourth and fifth generation wheels. The Grand Am is a performance focused car and has had a myriad of engines available on it of straight four and V6 configurations and various upgrades that include ecotec, double camshafts, and turbocharged. In 2005 the Grand Am was discontinued to make room for its successor the G6.

Wheels on post 1990 Grand Ams were mostly composed of 14" and 16" alloy rims with spoke patterns that included 5, 12, and 15 spokes, 20 slots, as well as a web design. Finishes on the alloy rims included chrome, silver, sparkle silver, and silver with machined edge. There were 14" and 15" steel rims offered stock as well that had a 20 hole pattern.

Purchasing these wheels is easy with Originalwheels.com. Just find the year your Grand Am was made in the links above, match your wheel to our part number by looking at the pictures left of the part number and visually identify your wheel. If you need help identifying your wheel or have questions to the quality of the wheel you will receive, feel free to speak with one of our representatives toll free by calling 800-896-7467. Have a great day!

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