OE BMW Wheels

October 30th, 2010

Bayerische Motoren Werke… or Bavarian Motor Works; they have pretty nice cars & motorcycles, wouldn’t you agree? But have you seen the wheels that they put on their cars? I like the 2008 BMW Z4 wheels (:

There are some that look like a pair of scissors cut into them & designed it, & I L O V E wheels that have that look. It makes the BMW Wheels look so much more modern & gives the BMW Z8 Rims have more appeal to most customers that are looking for that look.

Another reason why I like these OEM wheels is because not all of them are chrome, which means that BMW can produce fancy-looking wheels without the expense of having to chrome them. They can leave them with their natural finish & the car can still look like it belongs to a celebrity.

Off to switch my wheels,


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