Chrysler 300M Wheels & 300M Model

If you work for Chrysler, or even if you don’t work for Chrysler, you know that there is a Chrysler 300 & a Chrysler 300M; fully equipped with OEM Chrysler Wheels . The Chrysler 300M was manufactured from 1999-2004. This vehicle had Front Wheel Drive and a V6 Engine that used the Chrysler LH Platform. The 300M was marketed as the luxurious version of the Chrysler Concorde; therefore, the model & the Chrysler 300M Rims were a bit more expensive.

When Chrysler had started designing the LH Platform in 1998, they decided to discontinue the Eagle Vision .. which I don’t blame them because I rarely see any Eagle Visions on the road today. Since they had to fill the “import-fighter” gap that was held by Vision, Chrysler had made the decision to bring the “300” name back. Chrysler said that if the Eagle brand hadn’t been dropped, the 300M & the Chrysler 300M Wheels were going to be sold as a “redesigned” & “reinvented” Vision. After this was stated, there were images on the internet that showed the 300M with the Eagle badge on the grille. If you have a 300M with Factory Chrysler Rims , then you know that the outside & inside of the car are almost the exact same design as the Chrysler Concorde, the only major difference is that the 300M was made to be ten inches smaller so it can be exported to Europe.

Because it was ten inches shorter, it fit the European “5 metre” (16.4 feet) size class for import; it was seen as a sports sedan in Europe. The 300M had the same wheelbase as it’s “relative” the Dodge Intrepid, the Eagle Vision, and the “pre-2002” Chrysler Concorde. They length on the 300M was reduced by cutting the front and the rear overhangs; which in the end, benefited everyone.

This car only had one engine: 3.5 L V6; this engine was shared with the Plymouth Prowler & the second generation of the Dodge Intrepid. It wasn’t put on another vehicle until the Chrysler Pacifica came out in 2004.

There was a 300M Special that was offered beginning of the midyear in 2002. This “Special” model had imitation-carbon-fiber interior trim panels, different woodgrain trim panels, a 3.89 final drive ration, and pretty good looking Factory Original 2002 Chrysler 300M Rims . Some other standard features that came on this model were the “waterfall” leather seats, the signal mirrors, and had a somewhat lower ride height.

On the 2004 model, Chrysler had manufactured & offered the “Platinum Series 300M” to coexist with the 20th anniversary minivan from Dodge, Chrysler, & Plymouth. The 300M wasn’t the only vehicle that was offered as a “Platinum Series”, the Sebring Convertible, PT Cruiser, Sebring Sedan, Sebring Coupe, and the Town & Country were all offered. Since it was the “Platinum Series”, it was only available in certain colors; these colors were Graphite Metallic, Bright Silver Metallic, and Brilliant Black Crystal. Isn’t it funny how each & every producer has different names for their colors? I mean, how to they come up with this stuff? They even have different names for their OEM Chrysler 300M Wheels , but that’s besides the point; even though it is an interesting one. This model even had leather seats, satin silver bezels, chrome / platinum clad wheels, and other features that no other car had included. Shortly after this, that was when they stopped manufacturing the model & the Factory Chrysler 300M Wheels , what a shame.
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