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Information On Factory Audi Q7 Rims and Wheels

The Audi Q7 is a 5-door hatchback that was Audi's first ever SUV and began production in 2005 with mild refurbishing in 2009 and more extensively in 2011 when they were able to lower their CO2 rating and added "start/stop fuel-saving technology."

The Q7 initially had two different style wheels available: a 7 spoke wheel that comes in 18" with two different widths, and a 19", all of which are finished in silver; and a 5 double spoke rim that comes in an 18" variety that is finished in either Bright Sparkle Silver or Charcoal Grey, as well as a 20" that is finished in chrome. Since then two triple spoke wheels have been offered in 20" and 21" both in a silver finish, and two 20" rims- one finished in silver with 5 spokes, and one with 5 double spokes, machined finished.

To start buying your used factory rims, choose your vehicle year in the links above, locate your factory original Audi alloy rims, and buy instantly online or call us toll free at (800) 896-7467 to order your factory original Audi wheels. You can also call our toll free number with any more questions about your factory Audi Q7 rims and we will be happy to offer our great customer service to help you get the stock wheels you need at a price that is reasonable. With guaranteed quality OEM Audi Q7 wheels and rims at competitive pricing OriginalWheels.com is the perfect place to for you to fulfill all your Factory Original wheel needs. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your OEM Q7 wheel buying as simple and convenient as possible. We hope that you enjoyed your experience with us and come back for your next factory Audi wheel purchase.

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