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Information On Factory Audi Rims and Wheels

Audi is a German automobile brand originally founded in 1909 and later purchased by Volkswagen AG in 1966. Although the brand is owned by VW most people would have never suspected. Audi retains it’s own unique styling and technology. In today’s car world Audi has a strong hold in the luxury car market. They offer everything from sport sedans to SUV’s and compete directly with BMW, Infiniti, and Lexus for the worldwide share of luxury consumers. Even when it comes to OEM Audi Rims there is hard competition to offer the best eye catching styling.

Audi is known for it’s forward thinking technology. They have brought lightweight chassis, powerful engines in with a variety of fuel technologies even in the electric car segment. One of the small details that has drawn the attention of many consumers are the stylized LED daytime running lights.

When it comes to wheels Audi has never faltered in offering cutting edge styles and enough variety to satisfy any consumer. In many of the older models the selection was limited (just like many of makes) and many times there was only 2-3 styles of factory original Audi rims often with a steel option generally used as a winter wheel. Even from the beginning Audi was using the most modern technology and offering diamond spoke alloy rims along with many other options.

As time progressed consumers demanded more selection and larger rims for their vehicles. Audi has responded by offering a wide selection of stock rims in a variety of styles, finishes and size options. Although most of the models don’t offer much for chrome OEM Audi wheels if you like the look of chrome you can always get just about any style chromed by someone like us.

Whether you’re replacing a damaged original Audi rim or looking for a set of factory Audi wheels to change the look of your car then you have found the right store. At OriginalWheels.com we take pride in every wheel we sell. Every rim comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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