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Information On Factory Ford Crown Victoria Rims and Wheels

The Ford Crown Victoria, as well as its predecessor the LTD Crown Victoria, was built on Ford's Panther Platform and, as the LTD was available as a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, and 4 door station wagon, while the Crown Vic was only available as a 4 door sedan. The Crown Victoria replaced the LTD Crown Victoria that was produced from 1979 until 1991, and although technically not the same car functioned more like a second generation. Both the wheels for the LTD Crown Victoria as well as the Crown Victoria can be found in the links above (note: model years did not coincide so you need not worry about which ones you are looking at). The Crown Vic has had a very successful run since its name revival in 1983 (the original Crown Victoria was produced in 1955/56 and was a two door classic car) and even when sales did begin to slacken in 1999, instead of discontinuing it right out Ford kept it on for another twelve years until 2011 for fleet cars, and only stopped being sold in the North American market because Ford choose not to equip the car with the newly mandated electronic stability control and consequently had to export its remaining cars- mostly to Saudi Arabia.

Wheels available on the Crown Vic range from 14" to 17", come in a variety of finishes and spoke styles, and are all alloy except for five steel rims. All of the steel rims were painted and came with 4 to 18 holes. Most of the alloy rims were 15" and 16" rims with silver and machined finishes and accents. The only chrome rim available was a 16" alloy wheel with 9 spokes.

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