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Information On Factory Ford Rims and Wheels

Ford Motor Company, which was founded in 1903 by the famous Henry Ford, is perhaps one of our favorite American story of hard work, innovation, and success that continues on today. Henry Ford's most influential contribution during his life is his industrial practices that changed the face of the industrial revolution with not only the assembly line but also the five dollar work day which was almost double the previous pay, in order to sustain valuable workers as well as allowing them to afford the product that they were assembling and Ford was selling.

Ford Motor Company was vastly successful its first hundred years of business, beginning with the now legendary model T car of which over fifteen million cars were produced, a record that was not overtaken until 1972 by Volkswagen's Beetle. The Model A car was the first car equipped with safety features such as safety glass. Although the Ford Motor Company only experienced minor road bumps in its success, such as the Pinto safety controversy in the 70s, the 21st century would prove much more difficult to sustain its fortune.

At the turn of the century the environment of the automobile industry had changed dramatically from the glory days of the Model T when fossil fuels were seen as inexpensive, unlimited resources and healthcare was a nonissue. By the time it all fell apart in 2005 and Ford's as well as GM's bonds were considered junk status Bill Ford, the recently (1998) appointed Executive Chairman of the Board, began the long road to restoration- without the government's help. After a lot of ingenuity and reorganization Ford in 2009 for the first time in a decade did not have sales decline and for the first time in four years had profit, in 2012 the bonds were declared investment grade again.

For the first almost 90 years of Ford Motor Company, Ford did not acquire any automotive assets, besides the creation of its luxury brand, Lincoln, in 1917. Its first true acquisition came in 1989 when Ford bought Aston Martin and Jaguar both of which have since been sold during the past ten years when Ford was trying to recover its mountainous consecutive losses. During this time Ford also sold Volvo and Landrover. Although Ford and Mazda continue to work together on a variety of different things, Ford's overall stake in the company is only 3% and is the only tie Ford currently has with another independent automotive company.

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