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Information On Factory Ford Truck F350 Rims and Wheels

The Ford F-350 was introduced in 1948 but was called at the time the Ford Bronco-Built (badged the F-3), it was not until its second generation in 1953 when it was given the name F-350. Because of the sporadic nature of used parts availability the first year we carry are rims that came stock available in 1979. The F series has been met with continued popularity that made it the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for 24 years and the best selling truck for 34 years, a title it still holds today. Although the F350 originally designated the trucks tow capacity as a one ton (or 2,000 lbs) the Gross combined weight rating for the 6.2L V8 engine available (a 6.7L turbo diesel V8 is available on the truck as well) can tow up to 22,500 lbs. The F-350 continues to successfully produce its twelfth generation today as a Super Duty truck.

Wheels available on the F350 range from 16" to 20". The only steel F350 rims offered were 16" steel wheels with painted, chrome, cladded chrome, silver, and argent with 4,5,7 or 9 holes, there was also a 16.5" steel wheel with painted finish. The Alloy F350 rims were available in other finishes such as machined, polished, and silver with 5 to 14 spokes.

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