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Information On Factory Land Rover Rims and Wheels

Although the british automotive company Land Rover was founded in 1978, it's first car model was launched thirty years previously in 1948 under the Rover Company. This car was, unsurprisingly, called the Land Rover Series. This off-road vehicle that had either four or two doors laid the groundwork for the brand's future that features almost exclusively off road vehicles, most notably the brand is probably best known for its luxury off-road vehicle, the Range Rover.

Throughout the years Land Rover has been bought and sold by British Leyland Motor Corporations, BMW, Ford Motor Company, and is currently owned by the Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company, Tata Motors, after Ford's sale of the company in 2008. Since the sale, Tata has launched not only a fourth generation Range Rover, but the new Range Rover Evoque that is a marking stone for LandRover in that is aimed at lowering emissions (without compromising off road capability and luxury amenities).

The Land Rover has had militant association since its very first model, the Land Rover Series was initially conceived from Jeep parts, that at the time was exclusively a military manufacturer. Since Land Rover is known for its heavy duty body frames and off road capabilities it is no wonder that the UK Ministry of Defence has commissioned several models from the brand included 101 Forward Control, 1/2 tone lightweight, Land Rover Wolf, Snatch Land Rover. The Australian Army has also had Land Rover develop a military vehicle for them, the Land Rover Perentie, most likely due to the close ties England has to Australia from residual imperialism.

Despite selling almost exclusively off road vehicles meant to endure harsher conditions and greater driving impositions and hazards, most wheels are constructed of alloy, a maverick move considering most vehicles built for utility are steel rims (not necessarily for quality reasons, but finishes on alloy wheels are generally more easily ruined).

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