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Information On Factory Nissan Rims and Wheels

The Nissan Motor Company had its origins with the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works that was founded in in 1911 and produced the DAT that would later become the Datsun. Shortly before 1930 the holding company Nippon Sangyo (meaning Japan industries) was created for Tobata Casting and Hitachi business purposes and was abbreviated for the stock market as NiSan, which is where the name Nissan comes from. With shifting shareholders through its early years, the Nissan company has had a handful of legal names, although since hitting the stock market Nissan has been incorporated in the name.

Nissan's early success can be attributed to other company's cars, such as the British company, Austin, who supplied all the parts for its Austin Sevens to be assembled in Japan by Datsun. Not to mention that ll vehicle and engine designs that Nissan produced came out of the U.S. Although Nissan has grown considerably since its days of imitation, it still owes much of its success to vehicles built as joint ventures and would probably have not made it through its rough financial period had it not been for their alliance with Rennault who currently owns over 44% of Nissan's shares (Nissan holding a 15% stake- giving it no influence value based on French business laws).

The CEO, Carlos Ghosen is widely accredited with being Nissan's savior from downfall and is also responsible for choosing the risky investment (around five billion for research, development and start up production) to create the first line of electric vehicles. The line of electric vehicles that include the Esflow, Townpod, Leaf, Nuvu, Land Glider, Altra, and Hyper mini, with currently just the leaf for the public market. Released in 2010 in Japan, Europe, and North American markets the Leaf has been a success.

Interested in finding and purchasing the Nissan used factory original wheels for your car? Well its just a few easy steps away. First click on your vehicle make, then find your vehicle year in the links, choose your wheels, and buy instantly online. If you are still unsure of the rims you are looking for or would prefer to order over the phone call our toll free number (800) 896-7467 and we will be delighted to help you out. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your factory wheel buying as simple and straightforward as possible, we hope that you are happy with your time spent at Originalwheels.com and look forward to helping you with your next wheel purchase.

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