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Information On Factory Plymouth Rims and Wheels

The Plymouth marque began as a division created by the Chrysler brand in 1928 as an initiative to branch out beyond Chrysler's luxury market, an effort that was well timed as the great depression hit shortly after and the Plymouth brand can largely be accounted for Chrysler as well as Dodge's survival during the depression. Although it started as a platform to market to the spendthrift, Plymouth has tried to embrace a variety of different facades to differentiate it from its identical Dodge and Chrysler sisters.

The name Plymouth was chosen because it was a popular twine brand, with presumably the following logic in mind: that the common brand's positive associations would create trust for the completely unrelated car brand. Although choosing a car name this way seems uninformed and a little bit silly compared to our current practices of advertisement and branding, it is easy to see how the name is symbolic of the company that throughout the years has been a bit of a chimera not venturing to create its own path until the late 1990s with the Prowler: a boldly designed sportscar. Although this was going to be the first in a line of unique performance oriented cars (since their recent collaborations with Daimler), unfortunately the brand got discontinued before any others were released. The planned second car, the PT Cruiser, was debuted under the Chrysler name, and the design idea that both were created under was let go of.

Although the Plymouth brand did have periods of huge success it eventually ran out of its hopscotch luck when it tried to return to its previous stratagem of being sold as an entry level car, since it currently competed with both Chrysler and Dodge since Plymouth's lineup was made up of variously rebadged Chrysler and Dodge models. Instead of helping the brand, making Plymouth Chrysler's distinctly entry level brand had the opposite effect and sales on dropped more dramatically. By 2001 all Plymouth models had been completely phased out and the Plymouth brand became defunct.

If you want to buy used Plymouth wheels original wheels.com is the perfect place to be! To figure out which factory wheel came on your car choose your model from the links above and then your model year from the links on that page. From there you can simply scroll down through pictures of all OEM rims that were offered on your vehicle. If your rim is described but not pictured, then we are most likely out of stock of them; however, feel free to call our toll free number to find out if we would be able to special order them for you. Have a great day!

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