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Information On Factory Chrysler Rims and Wheels

Throughout the Chrysler brand’s history it has gone through many changes. These changes included more than just the vehicles but also the target market they were targeting. The brand had it’s beginnings as a luxury vehicle starting with the Imperial. After a number of years Chrysler actually downgraded the main brand to marketing introductory level luxury brands that were meant to compete against brands like Buick and Mercury. As the years progressed they introduced a number of models that ranged from economy cars to sports cars under the Chrysler brand. In more recent years the auto maker has reverted back to its original goals of marketing luxury vehicles to compete directly with other American luxury auto makers.

During Chrysler’s long history they have produced a huge array of rims. These Factory Chrysler wheels ranged from simple steel rims that required a hubcap, to OEM Chrome rims that came stock on certain models. Even many of the later models included steel wheel options. The automaker has always had a long line of chrome rims and many of the modern vehicles come with original Chrysler wheels in chrome from the factory.

Although chrome is popular now it has not always been an option. Many of the older vehicles only came with a machined or painted silver stock option. Whatever the future may hold for Chrysler, there will always be factory original Chrysler rims to go on their cars.

If you find yourself in need of used Chrysler wheels then you have found the right store. We take pride in providing our customers with quality OEM Chrysler wheels at a reasonable price. When you’re ready to place your order just find the wheel you’re looking for and order online or give us a call.

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