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Information On Factory Mazda Rims and Wheels

The Mazda Motor Corporation was founded in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda as Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Although Matsuda had bought a cork manufacturing plant (Toyo Cork Kogyo renamed in 1927 without the cork), it was quickly retooled to become a tool manufacturing plant that later created the first motorized tricycle, the Mazdago, in 1931. Although the name Mazda (that is another name for the Zoroastrian God, with the word translating into the proper name for the God, but also means intelligence or wisdom) was used as a brand name from 1936, it was not until 1984, twenty-two years after it first began producing motors and 24 years since the Mazda R360, Mazda's first real car.

Mazda's popularity in the beginning was due to their unique engineering, specifically the use of a rotary engine, which other car manufacturers (such as GM and Citroen (a subsidiary of Peugeot)) had tried and failed to develop into production. Debuting in 1968, the R100 was the first in the line of Mazda's RX series, that feature the Wankel Rotary engine. This unique engine structure at first was beneficial to building Mazda's reputation (it was the popularity of the Wankel that led Mazda's production numbers that incited production for the global market) but the less fuel efficient rotary engine lost favor after rising gas prices and although Mazda will not stop their research and development into the Wankel, it is far from their priority. The RX7 and RX8 are the modern installations of the Rotary engine and are manifested in sport car shells. After the RX8 was discontinued in 2011, Mazda has not had any rotary engine in production, but Mazda claims research and development for the Wankel engine will always have some part in its operations.

A major turning point for Mazda was Ford's influence as a corporate investor that had been necessitated due to Mazda's meager monetary means. Originally taking a 7% stake in the company and only having 3% currently, there was one point in '96 when Ford owned an entire 33.3% stake in Mazda, at which point several cars on both lineups were badge engineered versions of the other's car.

Although most wheels on Mazda cars are machined or silver finished alloy rims, painted steel rims along with variously finished alloy wheels (including polished and chrome) were also available. Educate yourself further on these rims by checking out our quick Mazda Rims Video.

Do you wish to own these factory original rims? Well look no further, because making these wheels your own is only a matter of clicks away; to order, first find your vehicle model in the links, then choose the year of your car from the links, find your rim by picture or wheel part number, and order instantly online or by phone at our toll free number. We hope that your factory original rim buying experience has been as easy and pleasant as possible and that you come back soon for your next OEM wheel purchase. If you have any other questions about your wheels please don't hesitate to call and we will be happy to offer whatever help our trained customer representatives can to ensure you get the stock original wheel you need. Thanks for stopping by!

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