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Information On OEM Buick Rims and Wheels

Although we only show models back to the late 70’s Buick Motor Company (part of GM) has actually been around for over 100 years. It is one of the oldest American car companies still producing vehicles today. It is identified by it’s iconic trishield emblem with the red white and blue shields.

Throughout Buick’s history they have produced just about every type of wheel. Many of the older vehicles had steel factory Buick rims, which then had a variety of wheel covers to give them their unique styling. Often the same steel wheel was used on multiple different vehicle with different covers to give each vehicle it’s own unique styling. In later years a wire wheel was introduced as one of the first alloy wheel options. These were temperamental, easily damaged and difficult to repair so they were quickly replaced by the alloy wheel that most people are familiar with today. These aluminum original Buick wheels were offered in a variety of finishes from painted silver and machined options offered early on, and a hyper silver option on many of the later model vehicles. Along with these options Buick almost always offered at least one factory chrome wheel. For many car manufacturers chrome is very rarely offered by the factory but for many models you can find factory Buick rims right on the lot.

Buick has been around for a long time and with changes in technology and styling there have been many changes to the rims. Most of the older vehicles were offered with only 15” or 16” options with limited styling. The modern Buicks however usually have a wide range of wheels to choose from and can range anywhere from 16” to 19” with many more stock styling options for each vehicle.

Although we do not carry some of the very old factory Buick rims, we do offer one of the largest selections of Used OEM Buick wheels and they can all be found in our online catalogue by following the model of vehicle above. All of our used Buick rims come with out 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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