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  • All Factory Jeep rims are guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Find pictures of every used Jeep Wheel in the year links that can be found after choosing your model in the links below.
  • Find out if the OEM Jeep Wheels are Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Chrome, Silver Paint or Machined by looking next to each pictures where the details needed for you to match your Rims exactly to what you need.
  • For assistance or questions about which wheels or rims you need for your Jeep call us toll free at 1(800) 896-7467.
  • Determine your original rim size by looking on the side wall of your tire. - Example = P235/75R15 is a 15" Wheel.
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Information On Factory Jeep Rims and Wheels

The Jeep brand currently owned by Chrysler first began as Willys-Overland Motors founded by John Willys in 1908 when he bought Overland Automotive. The company experienced the same sort of expansion and shortly thereafter deterioration that the 20's boom and 30's depression brought. When WWII came Willys produced the U.S. army's small trucks that soon became nicknamed the Jeep by soldiers who were reminded of the Eugene the Jeep from the cartoon pop eye that was a mysterious dog from the fourth dimensional land of Jeep that was able to teleport and solve very complex problems, qualities the soldiers claimed the vehicle had as well. With the massive success of the Jeep the company decided simply to focus on off road rugged utility vehicles and would even later be the creator of the first ever SUV, the Wagoneer, which coined the term 'Sport Utility Vehicle' in its first brochure, thirty years before the term was popularized.

After the Jeep name was established (Willys had it trademarked by 1950), various companies bought and sold the brand to complement their range. It first started with Kaiser Mortors in 1953 that in ten years became Kaiser-Jeep. In 1970 American Motors Company snagged it up in order to accompany their passenger cars and expand their lineup variety and size while sharing many parts with the new more rugged vehicles that created a quite cost efficient enterprise that was only thwarted by a poor market place. This unsavory market affected AMCs prosperity allowing Renault to put investments in the brand, however Renault ran into monetary troubles as well, allowing Chrysler an uncompetitive purchase of AMC in 1987.

Chrysler has maintained ownership since and though originally kept the popular vehicles the same, steady changes of the brand and the cars have created a market available to people who have no need for rugged vehicles. Despite this shift the Wrangler, formerly the CJ (civilian Jeep), has remained essentially unchanged in its capabilities and foundational styling.

With guaranteed quality rims and competitive pricing you can fulfill all your Used wheel needs. Choose your vehicle in the links above, pick your vehicle year, find your original Jeep rims, and order instantly online or call our toll free number to purchase your factory original Jeep wheels. You can also call our toll free number with any additional questions about your factory original rims and we will be happy to offer our unparalleled customer service to help you get the stock wheels you need at a price that is fair. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your factory Jeep wheel buying as simple and convenient as possible, we hope that you enjoyed your experience with us and will come back for your next wheel purchase. Thanks for visiting!

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