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Information On Factory Mercedes-Benz Rims and Wheels

The Mercedes-Benz name brand first began in 1926 after Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG or Daimler Motors Corporation) merged with Benz & Cie., to become Daimler-Benz that produced Mercedes-Benz. The Benz part of the name comes from Karl Benz, who created the first petrol engine and is largely credited with inventing the first automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen that was sold by Daimler as the Mercedes beginning in 1901, although the Mercedes-Benz company is considered founded in 1886. Since their inception and especially after the sophistication of the automobile industry into more refined segments, Mercedes-Benz has focused on producing luxury cars, but have several other interests as well including large busses and truck manufacturing (a fact that probably explains their abundance of unnecessarily large engines- several of their sedan's even having multiple V12 engine options as well supercharged V8s).

For people unfamiliar with Mercedes' nomenclature system, their vehicle naming can seem a little arbitrary and confusing. However, there is some method to the madness; at least post 1994. Naming before that point was somewhat casually implemented, with the letter designators (such as C, D, E, G, L, R, S, and T designating Coupe or Cabriolet, Diesel, Einspritzen- for fuel injection, Gelandewagen- for off road vehicles, Leicht for lightweight, Rennen for racing, sonderklasse for special class, and Touring class, respectively: Lowercase letters indicated trims and other less important/nonengine distinctions) being placed before and after the numbers that represent the engine size (e.g. a 4.0L engine would be a 400), although there were a handful of exceptions where the numbers were used to distinguish its relative positioning in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. After 1994 models became divided by classes, not numbers (making the group characteristic body over engine) that had up to three letters that described the class (e.g. Geländewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse was the GLK class) and a numerical that followed which represented engine size.

Mercedes-Benz's famous emblem, the three point star, was assigned as the trademark in 1910. Although it was picked mostly because a trademark was necessary, the three pointed star was something Gottlieb Daimler had written about several times to his wife (Emma Kunz, a somewhat famous researcher from Switzerland) saying that it represented Land, water and air saying that "one day this star will shine over our triumphant factories." An inspiring enough origin, the trademark was established (after Gottlieb's death) and has indeed shone quite successfully over the Mercedes-Benz business.

With guaranteed quality rims and competitive pricing you can fulfill all your Used wheel needs. Choose your vehicle in the links above, pick your vehicle year, find your original Mercedes-Benz rims, and order instantly online or call our toll free number to purchase your factory original wheels. You can also call our toll free number with any additional questions about your factory original rims and we will be happy to offer our unparalleled customer service to help you get the stock wheels you need at a price that is fair.

To find out more about the used factory original rims you will receive from us check out this Mercedes Rims Video. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your factory Mercedes-Benz wheel buying as simple and convenient as possible, we hope that you enjoyed your experience with us and will come back for your next wheel purchase. Thanks for visiting!

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