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  • If the Stock GMC Wheels are Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Chrome, Silver Paint or Machined will be specified next to each picture.
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  • To determine the wheel size you need look on the side wall of your tire. - Example = P235/75R15 is a 15" Wheel.
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Information On Factory GMC Rims and Wheels

GMC (an acronym for General Motors Company) is an automobile division of General Motors, and manufactures large vehicles such as SUV's, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, military vehicles, and vans. Founded in 1908, General Motors was set up as a holding company for Buick and has since bought, created, and sold a myriad of ventures, with its current divisions amounting to Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC and its current subsidiaries including, but not limited to, GM Holden Ltd and Opel.

Every vehicle on the GMC line is simply a rebadging of a car under one of GM's other car manufacturers, almost exclusively Chevrolet, but Cadillac's Escalade model is GMC's Yukon Denali. Although GMC cars are essentially identical to Chevy's versions, the Chevrolet brand cars generally outsell their GMC twin, most likely because of Chevy's numerous dealerships and brand popularity. Another factor might also be the fact that GMC trucks are generally sold with Buicks, whereas Chevy's usually have an exclusive dealer that does not deal with GM's other cars.

Although GM's car sales have steadily been increasing recently, it was only after the 2000 decade when its car (Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC) sales were in continuous decline for nine years (2008 and 2009 being by far the worst years with total sales decline 22.9% in 2008 and 30.1% in 2009). The past two years have GM car sales have increased 6% in 2010 and an outstanding (considering the previous generation)13.7% sales growth in 2011. This growth can most astutely be attributed to the "chapter 11" reorganization mandated after the government bailout in 2008.

Interested in finding and purchasing the GMC used factory original wheels for your car? Well its just a few easy steps away. First click on your vehicle make, then find your vehicle year in the links, choose your wheels, and buy instantly online. If you are still unsure of the rims you are looking for or would prefer to order over the phone call our toll free number (800) 896-7467 and we will be delighted to help you out. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your factory wheel buying as simple and straightforward as possible, we hope that you are happy with your time spent at Originalwheels.com and look forward to helping you with your next wheel purchase. Thanks for stopping by!

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