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Information On Factory Lexus Rims and Wheels

The Toyota Motor Corporation created the Lexus brand name in 1989 as a luxury vehicle marque for the U.S. that is now sold all over the world. The Lexus brand has almost since its commencement, led the luxury market, taking 29% of BMW sales, 19% Mercedes-Benz, and 35% of the Lincoln and Cadillac sales in its first year and by 1991 (its second full year of sales) was the U.S.'s top-selling premium car import, although how much of this is due to the fact that Lexus' were sent into the market with a price tag dramatically lower than other luxury cars. This even prompted BMW to accuse the brand of market dumping (a legal concept only actionable by domestic markets (not BMW) that have been harmed by radically underpriced imports) to no avail.

Even though Lexus's built in the first decade after its inception were generally just Toyota's in luxury trim, the American market seemed to prefer the Lexus brand much over Toyota, with Lexus accounting for a disproportionate amount of the two sales considering its smaller market. This may be due to the Lexus brand's extensive research into the American market, that even included sending a group of market researchers to live amongst the luxury car buyers in Laguna Beach and observe their "lifestyles and tastes".

Market researches not unlike the ones sent in to observe the american upper class consumers in Laguna Beach, were responsible for the name Lexus (picked as an aesthetic rendering of the two words Luxury and Elegance). Although it does coincidentally happen to also be a sort of acronym for Luxury EXports to the U.S. Lexus claims this has nothing to do with the name (and for a company that invests so heavily in marketing it would seem silly to use an arbitrary acronym as opposed to the analyzed luxury/elegance idea, which leads me to think the acronym one of the many funny happenstances that make you remember if you put enough monkeys with typewriters in a room, one of them will write Moby Dick). The logo, an L in an oval, had a team of designers that was supposedly calculated by some formula that aided further in convincing the American market to trust the Japanese import. . . .

Lexus' success progressed naturally to its second generation that saw with it, many more exclusively Lexus cars (with no Toyota sister) since the brand was now available in many of the same markets as Toyota (Lexus' launch in Japan, the domestic market, taking place in 2005). Since that point Lexus has begun to expand its more innovative car models, creating quite a few hybrids (with Toyota's technology from the Prius) as well as high performance models like the IS F.

With guaranteed quality rims and competitive pricing you can fulfill all your Used wheel needs. Choose your vehicle in the links above, pick your vehicle year, find your original Jeep rims, and order instantly online or call our toll free number to purchase your factory original Lexus wheels. You can also call our toll free number with any additional questions about your factory original rims and we will be happy to offer our unparalleled customer service to help you get the stock wheels you need at a price that is fair. OriginalWheels.com strives to make your factory Lexus wheel buying as simple and convenient as possible, we hope that you enjoyed your experience with us and will come back for your next wheel purchase. Thanks for visiting!

You can get even more information about the rims you will recieve by tuning into this quick Lexus Wheel video. Thanks for visiting!

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