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Information On Factory Mercury Rims and Wheels

The Mercury brand began in 1938 as the Ford Motor Company's luxury car division run by Henry Ford's son, Edsel Ford as a way to bridge the price gap between the Lincoln brand's high end pricing, and Ford's image of affordable, or "bargain" cars. Although the Mercury price point was much higher than Ford's, the cars that were sold by both brands were mechanically identical to Ford's cars, the differences were exclusively superficially changed, resembling more of a higher trimmed version of Ford cars than actually "different" cars.

Mercury has employed a number of different marketing strategies (their market strategy, like most luxury vehicles, being one of the most invested in aspects for the brands) that proved relatively successful in the beginning with select hits (which is how most car brands keep their heads above water, with a handful of successes to balance out the massive costs of production and research and development - although Mercury did not have as much to worry about there as a subsidiary of Ford) like the Cougar and Capri (the Capri was actually a captive import. Selling Captive imports is a marketing strategy to save production costs by outsourcing manufacturing to another company outside the target market). After the 1980s the Mercury brand began to suffer.

Trying several different market strategies over the next few decades the Mercury brand's death was slow. In the 1980s Mercury tried to brand its German imports as "Merkur" cars, this failed due to relations with the export market, West Germany, and the unfavorable exchange rate. In the 1990s Mercury tried entering minivans and SUV's into their lineup, to some success. In the 2000s Mercury began to focus on a younger target market group. However, even after all its efforts, in 2010 (after Ford's own close call with cancellation (after the 2008 bailout- which Ford did not partake in) Ford decided to discontinue the entire brand after sales could no longer justify its continuation.

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