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Information On Factory Mitsubishi Rims and Wheels

Mitsubishi Motors has a long history that begins when The Mitsubishi company founded by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping firm founded in 1870 began to diversify and produced the Model A car in 1917. Although the Model A was the first automobile produced to be sold publicly, it was completely hand built making it much more expensive than other cars at the time that were able to be mass produced from assembly lines- with only 22 built the Model A was discontinued in 1921. It was not until the mid 1940s that Mitsubishi turned its attention back to vehicles for production that slowly developed into the Mitsubishi Motors established in 1970.

When first entering into the competitive market of personal automobiles, Mitsubishi wisely chose to piggyback some of Chrysler's popularity by selling them a 15% stake in the company as well as selling the Mitsubishi Galant through Dodge as the Colt. By 1980, Mitsubishi produced a million cars for the year and in 1982 the Mitsubishi brand debuted in the U.S. with 70 dealers nationwide to sell 30,000 cars (Chrysler had 90,000 Mitsubishi vehicles to sell). Mitsubishi continued to grow, and in 1986 a facility in Illinois was purchased jointly with Chrysler to manufacture vehicles with combined technology- owned by Diamond star (combining the Chrysler and Mitsubishi logos) motors, an entity created specifically for the Illinois plant. Shortly after, Mitsubishi went public and Chrysler increased its stake to over 20%.

Mitsubishi continued on the path of growth and independence (by 1993 Chrysler had no stake and had sold its portion of Diamond Star Motors to Mitsubishi) until 2000 when a scandal involving defect cover-up (think more failing brakes and fuel tank leaks than stuck floor mats) with over 25 defects confessed to. The president of Mitsubishi motors, Kawasoe, along with 23 others were arrested. Since then, Mitsubishi has slowly recuperated by reducing a lot of its market presence in U.S. while producing more vehicles for Nissan and PSA Peugeot Citroen as well as exporting out to markets like Russia and Ukraine.

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